Church Survey Discussion

I hope you all had a good read of the Church Survey

So what do you think?

Remember it is a collation of what all our thoughts and ideas. Future ideas will be discussed at the next MT meetings.

Regarding the survey of the 'flower' and the 'morning tea' rosters; people are free to use and supply whatever they wish.

It is not a competition, we just love your faithfulness to the task and we appreciate your talents. If you would be willing to go on any of the rosters, please speak with one of the Ministry Team.

Thank you!

Teen study group
Bible discussion group

Prayer Needs

Please pray for

Sylvie as she is in a great deal of pain with a pinched nerve in her neck and is struggling. 

Marj has just spent a week in hospital, but is feeling much better now and is home.

Sorry we didn't get to visit Marj.

Also Mavis Kerley is in hospital. Sylvia Harley is facing a health challenge. Please keep these folk in your prayers.

Please Pray

Pray for the Persecuted Church

All over our world the belief in Jesus is condemned and the people who do believe and stand up for that belief are persecuted and sometimes killed. So we must always pray for these people and include the missionaries in our prayers.

Prayer does work, you know, and you may be thinking that your prayer isn't doing much good, but there may be someone in real danger and your prayer will cause our Lord to intervene and a miracle will occur. Just because YOU prayed.

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Engaging in prayer for our Community