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"We are healed from suffering only by experiencing it to the full"

Marcel Proust

Scripture In Our School

This is an invitation to any of our Church Family to come along and watch

the wonderful way Steve teaches our children about Jesus.

Come along and be part of this great time with our local school children

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Thought for the day

Learning To Walk Again

Sept Newsletter

“Though we stumble we shall not fall headlong, for the Lord holds us by the hand” Psalm 37:24

My recovery from hip surgery includes intensive daily physical therapy to retrain the muscles in my weakened leg. I begin with gentle massage and passive range of motion and then progress to active muscle-strengthening exercises. Finally, I advance to the treadmill, gripping the handrails firmly, lest I stumble while my legs recall how to walk correctly. Daily therapy takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. I feel a little stronger each day.

I’m learning I need the same discipline in my spiritual walk. Limping along is easy for me. I skip daily devotions when the time is short and pray only briefly while rushing from one activity to another. Over time, my spiritual muscles weaken until I am no longer able to walk with confidence through the challenges of daily life.

However, through prayer and worship, I am able to strengthen my walk with God. When difficulties arise and I stumble, God is holding my hand, lifting me up and offering me the opportunity to renew my spiritual journey.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for being with us through the challenges of life. Strengthen our desire to walk more closely with you, Amen.

Girl Praying

What is impossible for man is possible with God . . . . 

It would be impossible for a team of only 16 employees to reach out to ver 300,00 children with Good News and Great Joy and a gift-filled shoebox annually. But what is impossible for man is made possible with God. For it is God who touches the hearts of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of donors annually, to partner with our little team to reach beautiful boys and girls trapped in poverty in so many remote villages, towns and rural areas in developing nations.

We believe it is also in response to the Lord’s prompting that so many people give sacrificially to enable educational, health, food and security, water and sanitation, disaster relief, church resourcing and people-at-risk programs to be run in so many parts of the world every year. Aussies and Kiwis have reached out to people as far afield as Mongolia, South Sudan, Iraq, Cambodia, Fiji, Vietnam, Nepal, Vanuatu and other nations around the world, every dollar spent came from donations – there is no government assistance and no reserve on which we can draw. What is impossible for man is made possible with God.

It is He who touches all our hearts to reach out together. A little message from all our

A little message from all our team to you: We absolutely couldn’t do it without you; thank you for being so generous! God bless you.

Shoe Box

Sun 29th Oct 

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When we stumble, God is there to catch us and give us strength.